Suna and Safia, two holiday girls and their friends































It is the first sunny day since a long time of rain. Sitting outside in the garden is a real bliss now, especially for these two girls and their little cat.

They are called Suna and Safia and they love animals. And flowers. And holidays.

Soon, there will be another animal friend, actually it is nearly completed, sorry: Born!






Her name is Edda and she only lacks legs now, which are not sooo unimportant for a horse…





Ahh, I forgot to mention: The kitten is called Grigio (Italian for grey) and wants to sleep most of the time. Or to eat.




It´ so nice to look into the sky, dreaming….and to hear the soft purring of a little cat.


The two dolls are made by wet felting and dyed with walnut afterwards. They have crocheted wigs and embroidered eyes.

Suna´s dress has a crocheted yoke, Safia´s is knitted and both are made out of organic plant dyed woll.

The animals are also wet felted.


I wish you all some idle early summer days !

Frau Wollwesen


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Everything different….











My „Yarrow“, which I finished after all last weekend, doesn`t fit me. Sigh!

I really like this pattern but I simply chose the wrong size and don`t know why…. The yarn shrunk even more after blocking and so I had to decide, whether to start again or to ask one of my daughters, if she would like it.

And of course SHE (my youngest) liked it. And I like her wearing it.

Perhaps I will start with another Yarrow someday in future….


Another project, which came out differently to what I expected was „Florence“. 

After some time of struggling with the lace part in this pattern, I realized that all joy of knitting was completely gone. And so I ripped it all out. And started with this:




The first time I saw it was on rosap`s blog, who already knitted a second one meanwhile.

I knit with my DROPS Alpaca Yarn, which I used for „Florence“ and this really is pure knitting bliss for me!

Do you know this: To brood in the morning about your day, asking yourself when you can squeeze in only a little bit of time for knitting…? That´s it at the moment!


And that`s also the reason why I´m not reading these days apart from a few lines in varied books on meditation, what I always do (like this one for instance).


A nice green spring time to all of you,

Frau Wollwesen.


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Just a few green glimpses… – Grüne Augenblicke








On my windowsill.


Auf meiner Fensterbank.













Natural Dyeing – with red onion skins.

On the left: Wool , on the right: Wool/Silk

I really love both colours, the  springlike lemongreen one and the richer and darker olivetone…


Pflanzenfärben – diesmal mit roten Zwiebelschalen.

Links: Wolle , rechts: Wolle/Seide

Beide Farben liebe ich, die frühlingshafte Zitronengrünvariante und das dunklere satte Oliv…

(Die Färbeanleitung war dieselbe wie bei den gelben Zwiebelschalen, allerdings mit Kaltbeize vorbereitet.)





My new project: „Florence“ von Carrie Bostick Hoge

Yarn: DROPS Alpaca in olive.


Mein neues Projekt: „Florence“ von Carrie Bostick Hoge

Garn: DROPS Alpaca in goldgrün.






Here: Green (=soothing) reading moments.


Und hier: Grüne (=wohltuende) Lesemomente.



Es grüßt herzlich

Frau Wollwesen.


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