Everything different….











My „Yarrow“, which I finished after all last weekend, doesn`t fit me. Sigh!

I really like this pattern but I simply chose the wrong size and don`t know why…. The yarn shrunk even more after blocking and so I had to decide, whether to start again or to ask one of my daughters, if she would like it.

And of course SHE (my youngest) liked it. And I like her wearing it.

Perhaps I will start with another Yarrow someday in future….


Another project, which came out differently to what I expected was „Florence“. 

After some time of struggling with the lace part in this pattern, I realized that all joy of knitting was completely gone. And so I ripped it all out. And started with this:




The first time I saw it was on rosap`s blog, who already knitted a second one meanwhile.

I knit with my DROPS Alpaca Yarn, which I used for „Florence“ and this really is pure knitting bliss for me!

Do you know this: To brood in the morning about your day, asking yourself when you can squeeze in only a little bit of time for knitting…? That´s it at the moment!


And that`s also the reason why I´m not reading these days apart from a few lines in varied books on meditation, what I always do (like this one for instance).


A nice green spring time to all of you,

Frau Wollwesen.


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