Time to rest…




…that´s what made it possible for me, to change my thinking and to write this post. Because 1 hour  before my head felt totally uncreative and it ached.

After a demanding working day like this one today I often feel like a dehydrated pond and „fresh sources“ seem to be (and stay) miles away. But then, often enough, after 30 minutes or longer of true rest, there is „fresh water“ again….

And this also makes it possible for me to see what I really got done during my last week, what brought me or others  joy or calmness.
















Last weekend we visited my parents-in-law and had a wonderful time spent in the local zoo, sitting in the garden, cooking and eating. They live in the middle of the city but in spite of this there are often a lot of animals in their garden: Birds who enjoy bathing in this little water lily pond above, tame squirrels, that came very near to us, looking for nuts.

















And this is the wool I dyed with meadowsweet last week. I really was amazed about this colour because it´s such a strong lemon-like yellow. The sunbeams of the last weeks seem to be collected in it.

I want to dye again this week. There are mahonia (Oregon-grape) berries waiting in a bowl (also from my parents-in-law´s garden). Has anybody experience in dyeing with those?

And additionally some hollyhock blossoms…




I nearly finished my granny´s favourite-bolero for my youngest daughter. That´s not only good for her but also for me, because I look forward to continue knitting on my „Fine Sand“-cardigan!

And the book is what I bought mainly also for my youngest but she is not the only one who reads and likes it. I love Elsa Beskow`s books and this one was still missing in our library. I think she intended it for much younger children then mine but even my 12-years-old was come across by me on the sofa, book in hands…



Have a lovely time and a lot of breaks,

Frau Wollwesen.


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